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Blood Bank Centrifuge DLM12L for Lucena city Red Cross Chapter

Through our together work, blood bank centrifuge DLM12L has finally been installed  well in Philippine Red Cross Lucena city Chapter.


DLM12L offers a large processing capacity for the blood bags. The 2400ml swing bucket is able to take 2 bags(triple-bag) of 450ml whole blood, which meets their demand well.

During machine adjustment, the choose of centrifugation protocol is important for the sample processing, the staff used similar data that worked by previous old machine.  

After a test run centrifugation, the result turned out satisfying. The whole blood has been separated well, we could clearly see the yellow part and red part in the bag.

They are very satisfied with our machine, and we are also happy that our product is a good assistant to their work.


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