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When the capillary centrifuge is cold, the low-speed gear can not be started: the lubricating oil of the centrifuge solidifies or the lubricating oil deteriorates and dries up and sticks.

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When the capillary centrifuge is cold, the low-speed gear can not be started: the lubricating oil of the centrifuge solidifies or the lubricating oil deteriorates and dries up and sticks. At the beginning, the centrifuge can be rotated again with the help of hand or the oil can be refilled after cleaning. Centrifuge vibration, noise, failure: check whether the centrifuge is unbalanced, loose nuts to fix the machine. If any, tighten it. Check whether the centrifuge bearing is damaged or bent. If any, replace the bearing.  

Check the deformation or incorrect position of the outer cover of the capillary centrifuge, and adjust it if any. The vibration excitation of centrifuge system is: motor drive system, screen basket and machining error, bearing and bracket, assembly of unbalanced shaft, formation of cracks in vitro, water in fracture chamber, problems caused by high temperature fault, serious in high centrifugal, high-speed rotating shaft tilt, vibration, when the vibration frequency exceeds the limit, it will cause the centrifuge resonance of the whole system, leading to serious after Therefore, whether it is centrifuge or other centrifuges in the application process, we need to pay attention to the vibration of centrifuge, because it has a great impact on the normal use and safety of capillary centrifuges.

In a circular non inertial system, the inertial force of capillary centrifuge is always outward, and there is no corresponding inward force. In order to keep the object relatively stationary in the non inertial system, other forces are needed to counteract the inertial force, such as the pulling force of the rope, the supporting force of the outer wall, and the gravity of a mass object. In fact, in all non inertial systems, an inertial force can be created according to the principle of equivalence. Its direction is opposite to that of the acceleration in the non inertial frame (relative to the acceleration of the inertial system), and the magnitude is the acceleration times the mass of the object. In this way, it is convenient to deal with the force balance in the non inertial frame, rather than who is really exerting such a force.  

Because of the amazing speed of capillary centrifuge, the rotor is not fixed by ordinary ball bearing, but by magnetic bearing. Magnetic bearings use magnetic field to keep the rotor always in the center of the stator coil. There is no physical contact between the rotor and the stator, which eliminates friction, and then ensures the stability of ultra-high speed operation of capillary centrifuge.  

The reason why capillary centrifuge vibrates in the process of acceleration and deceleration is that in addition to resonance, I think the change of center of gravity during acceleration and deceleration is also one aspect, which may be related to resonance. When the vibration frequency is close to the natural frequency of material, resonance will occur. According to vibration theory, a solid object actually has countless natural frequencies. When the external excitation frequency and the object's natural frequency are close to each other When the natural frequency is the same, the resonance phenomenon will appear. At this time, the amplitude of vibration is particularly large (amplitude), which is usually harmful. As for the balancing problem, it is a dynamic balance problem, because the center of mass of the object does not coincide with the center of rotation, resulting in eccentricity, which also induces vibration, and belongs to the category of vibration theory. I think the above phenomenon is caused by resonance. Of course, there may be no trim.

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