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Why ultra capacity centrifuge so expensive?

Time : 2022-01-24 Hits : 84

Recently, a customer asked a few questions about the ultra capacity refrigerated centrifuge. What is ultra capacity mean? Why so expensive?

With these problems, I would like to give you an in-depth explanation: first of all, we should start from the principle of centrifuge. The working principle of centrifuge is to drive the rotor to rotate through the motor, so as to use centrifugal force to separate the components in liquid and solid particles or liquid and liquid mixture. Then the core component is in the motor. Therefore, when the capacity is expanded, the power must be increased If only the capacity is expanded, then the speed will certainly not reach the standard, and the centrifugal effect will certainly not reach the standard. Moreover, from the perspective of speed, the larger the capacity, the greater the weight, the greater the resistance. Especially when a certain capacity is reached and the speed reaches the limit, it is even more difficult to increase the speed. Therefore, a major technological breakthrough is needed in this area. The reason why many centrifuges can't produce super large capacity refrigerated centrifuges is that the speed can't keep up with the high equivalent value. However, Xiangzhi centrifuge has made a breakthrough in this respect. For example, when the capacity of dlm12l super large capacity refrigerated centrifuge reaches 6 × 2400ml, the speed can reach 4600r / min, which can be said to reach the international advanced level. Finally, from the point of view of the whole machine, when the capacity and speed are raised, the corresponding other hardware should also be upgraded, otherwise it can not meet the requirements of the experiment and the requirements of safe use.

It can be seen that the cost of extra large capacity refrigerated centrifuge is not only the cost of rotor, but also the cost of other parts, so the price must be higher.

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