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Biocontainment Cover for Rectangular Bucket

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Rectangular bucket with 12 holes are specially designed for dealing with 5ml(13x100mm) and 2ml(13x75mm) blood collection tubes (vacutainers). With a total process capacity up to 48 tubes at one time, the swing out rotors 48x5ml and 48x2ml provide high work efficiency in hospital diagnostic laboratories.


However, working in clinical diagnostic laboratories usually means working with potentially infectious samples like blood or other bodily fluids. But handling infectious microorganisms or harmful chemicals is quite common in research laboratories as well. To ensure the safety of laboratory personnel and to prevent laboratory acquired infections (LAIs) or other health hazards, reasonable precautions must be taken throughout the whole workflow.

Centrifuge is one source of aerosols. A broad range of activities – including filling centrifuge tubes, removing caps or lids from tubes after centrifugation, and removing supernatant liquid and then resuspending pellets – can lead to the release of aerosols into the laboratory environment.
Thus, biocontainment cover is essential for centrifuging hazardous samples, such as blood collection tubes (vacutainers)


Biocontainment covers do not prevent formation of aerosols during centrifugation; rather, they ensure aerosols cannot leak from the closed system.
If a tube break or leak, do not open the centrifuge for at least 30 minutes after the run. Since this cannot always be detected before you open the buckets or rotor (a sudden imbalance can be a first sign of tube breakage), we recommend waiting at least 10 minutes at all times before you open the containers.
Also, you should load and unload the buckets or rotor in a biosafety cabinet (especially in virology and mycobacteriology) to minimalize the risk of escaping aerosols.
Biosafety is an important for lab workers, we highly appreciate the advices and suggestions of improving our centrifuge designs that’s able to protect lab workers better.

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