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Hoe om mediese personeel te beskerm met behulp van sentrifuge in epidemiese situasies

Tyd: 2022-01-24 Treffers: 62

The novel coronavirus infection is very vulnerable to the close contact between the medical staff and the patients. Although the novel coronavirus inspectors are less exposed to the patients, they cannot relax the vigilance of the new coronavirus infection, and must strengthen their own infection prevention and control measures.

When receiving, sorting and centrifuging suspected or confirmed patient specimens in the laboratory, the operator must be provided with secondary biosafety protection. In case of special circumstances (such as suspected spillage), it will be upgraded to level 3 biosafety protection. If it is not necessary to open the tube plug (such as the cap of the vacuum blood collection vessel) during the inspection process, the secondary biosafety protection is required. If the tube plug has to be opened during the operation, or aerosol may be generated, or the specimen itself may be contacted, then level III biosafety protection is required.

Open the box or open the bag instantly, disinfect with 75% ethanol spray. Before centrifugation, blood samples must be carefully tested whether the test tube is damaged or not, and whether the test tube cap is tightly covered. When pulling out the test tube cap, the operation should be gentle and careful to prevent sample spatter. After disinfection with 75% ethanol spray, it is processed as far as possible in the biological safety cabinet, and then processed on the machine. Centrifuge stop for more than 10 minutes, open centrifuge cover spray disinfection.

First level biosafety protection: medical surgical masks, latex gloves, work clothes, hand hygiene, can wear medical protective caps.

Second level biosafety protection: medical protective mask or N95 mask, latex gloves, work clothes outer isolation clothing, medical protective cap, and hand hygiene. Goggles may be used as appropriate (e.g. risk of splashing).

Three level biological safety protection: medical protective mask or N95, single or double latex gloves (conditions permit, different colors can be used), face screen, goggles, protective clothing for work clothes, single or double-layer medical protective cap, and hand hygiene. If necessary, double mask (external medical protective mask, inner N95).

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