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Conferència de formació del CGF

Temps: 2022-01-24 Accessos : 47

Recently, Xiangzhi centrifuge invited expert to give lecture on the development history of CGF, the working principle of the third generation CGF, and the content analysis of CGF growth factors. After class, the students said that through learning, they had a more detailed understanding of the important role and working principle of centrifuges, which laid a solid foundation for better improvement and research of new centrifuge technology.

In recent years, Xiangzhi centrifuge has taken a series of measures to better connect the company's products with the market, especially the implementation of the talent strategy of "going out and inviting in". On the one hand, it sent employees to scientific research institutions and training centers in batches to participate in training to learn advanced knowledge concepts; on the other hand, it actively invited industry elites to give lectures to broaden their horizons and cultivate employees Expert and technical talent team provides strong talent support for centrifuge R & D and enterprise development.

Recently, our customers brought reagents to the company for experiments. How about the centrifuge and whether the centrifugation effect is good. The field experiment is mainly aimed at the detection of platelet antibody. The TXL-4 platelet special centrifuge produced by our company is used. The staff operate step by step according to the experimental operation process. After several experiments, the effect is very good, and the customers are very happy and satisfied.

Centrifuges are generally placed in a dry place away from direct sunlight. The heat dissipation capacity of the centrifuge is relatively large, and no sundries should be stacked around the centrifuge. The distance from the wall, baffle and other airtight and poor heat dissipation items should be at least 10 cm. At the same time, the centrifuge should be placed in a single room as far as possible, and no organic reagents and inflammables should be placed around. The damage of the centrifuge and the generated air waves will cause the drug cabinet to vibrate. Fortunately, the organic reagent has not been spilled, otherwise the consequences will be more serious.

1. Blood bag tube sealer to avoid radio interference device: equipped with high cycle frequency stabilizer and high frequency shielding device to minimize high frequency interference.

2. Strong output power of blood bag tube sealer: This machine adopts coaxial resonator with low loss, so it has strong output power. It can weld products in the fastest time and greatly increase production.

3. Safety protection device of blood bag tube sealer: when the current load exceeds the limit value, the overload current relay will automatically cut off the high voltage to protect the oscillation tube and rectifier. This machine is equipped with a high sensitivity spark suppressor, which can avoid the frequency drift caused by improper operation, so as to minimize the damage of electrodes and materials. At the same time, the warning light will also be on.

4. Heating device of blood bag tube sealer: stepless heating and temperature regulating device, which can adjust the temperature according to the production needs of different products, so that the working efficiency is higher.

5. Automatic over-current protection system of blood bag tube sealer: automatic over-current protection system can increase the service life of vacuum tube and protect the mold.

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