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Temperature control centrifuge

Temperature Control Centrifuge - Everything you need to know

In search of an easy and way that are safe separate substances that are various? Look no further than the temperature control centrifuge, just like the xiangzhi's product called 4000 rpm centrifuge. This machine has its own advantages that produce it the decision this is certainly most readily useful for separating materials like blood, proteins, and viruses.


The temperature control centrifuge by xiangzhi has benefits which are many such as:

1. Temperature control: The temperature might be controlled because of the machine, ensuring that the sample is not damaged during the separation process.

2. Speed control: The user can control the speed at that the machine rotates, enabling them to attain the separation need precise.

3. Easy to use: The machine is easy to use, making it the decision great people of all ages.

Why choose xiangzhi Temperature control centrifuge?

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How to use?

Utilizing the temperature control centrifuge try easy and easy, also the refrigerated centrifuge supplied by xiangzhi. Listed below are a few actions to follow:

1. Load the test: Load the test into the centrifuge tube.

2. Set the speed: Set the speed of which the machine is desired by you to rotate.

3. Put the temperature: Set the temperature so that the sample was not damaged through the separation process.

4. Start the machine: Start the machine and watch for the process so that you can complete.


The client service group is obviously agreed to assist when you have any questions or trouble along with the temperature control centrifuge, just like the xiangzhi's product called vacuum centrifuge. They provide exceptional service to help make sure that the machine try working correctly and efficiently.


The temperature control centrifuge is made from high-quality items, ensuring it is durable and lasting, same with the microcentrifuges made by xiangzhi. It is often built to withstand the wear and tear of frequent use, making it the investment which is labs that are great research centers.

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