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XB-12 Mini Centrifuge
XB-12 Mini Centrifuge
XB-12 Mini Centrifuge
XB-12 Mini Centrifuge

XB-12 Mini Centrifuge

The XB-12 mini centrifuge has a novel and unique appearance and is flexible and versatile. It is equipped with two kinds of centrifugal rotors and a variety of test tube holders and is suitable for 2.0ml, 1.5ml, 0.5ml, 0.2ml centrifuge tubes, and 0.2ml, 8-row centrifuge tubes for PCR. Humanized design, with the function of a flip switch, automatically stops when the cover is opened (stops when the cover is opened), and has electronic timing and speed adjustable functions. A full transparent spherical upper cover and multiple rotors are equipped to achieve the best effect in the pursuit of creativity and simplicity and inject human color into scientific and rational laboratory products.



1. The convenient and efficient three in one large radius 18 hole or 8-hole rotor is compatible with four types of centrifuge tubes: 2.0ml, 1.5ml, 0.5ml, and 0.2ml.
2. High frequency and wide voltage power supply technology is adopted, and the input voltage range is 85-265V AC.
3. Unique rotor snap design, convenient for rotor replacement.
4. Equipped with LED digital display, time and speed can be set, which is more scientific and rigorous.
5. Ultra low noise, stable operation, maintenance free motor, durable, safe and reliable.
6. Li gorî standarda ewlehiya neteweyî û navneteweyî (mînak IEC 61010) hatî hilberandin.
7. ISO9001, ISO13485, standardên navneteweyî yên CE têne kirin.

Serlêdan Destpêk
1. Serum extracted from whole blood
2. Extract supernatant of various samples
3. Rapid sedimentation of sample
4. Micro blood cell separation
5. Microbial sample separation

Bedena Makîneyêplastic
Max Zûbûnî12000 rpm
Rastiya bilez± 20 rpm
Max. RCF7900xg
Max.Capacity8x2.0 ml
Rêzeya demjimêrê1~99min/1~99s
motorMotor Motor
Têrkirina Power85-265V 50 / 60Hz
Motor Power30W
Ebat200 × 180 120 mm (L × W × H)
Packing Pack285 × 220 170 mm (L × W × H)
lîsteya Rotor


No.1 Angle Rotor

Max speed: 12000rpm



No.2 Angle Rotor

Leza herî zêde:
12000 rpm
Kapasîteya: 4x8x0.2ml


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