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Центрифуга за убавина за терапија TF-1 PRP

Центрифуга за убавина за терапија TF-1 PRP

TF-1 PRP Centrifuge is mainly applied to beauty fat purification and orthopedics.

The machine can use with PRP special tube of 10ml, 20ml, 50ml. With the features of fast separation and purification, the surgery time is shortened and the survival rate of PRP maximally improved, which makes the transplant surgery simple and convenient, this machine is the prior assistant for the plastic surgeons.



Максимална брзина

5000 вртежи во минута

Макс RCF


Максимален капацитет



10мл, 20мл, 50мл

ПОВЕЕ Преземете ја брошурата


1. Microprocessor control, preset: RCF, speed, time, program, with LCD synchronous display
2. Data set by touch keyboard, with RCF key
3. Direct drove by high torque brushless DC inverter motor, stable run, low noise, high accuracy of speed and rcf, maintenance-free
4. Mechanical and electrical interlock system, locked while the machine starts, ensuring safety
5. Multi-options for programs, the user can freely set the wanted data, avoiding repeated set, and improving work efficiency.
6. 8 selective rates of Acc / Dec, the user can freely set the wanted rate according to the need.
7. With the function of timing at set rpm; function of a short spin
8. Synchronous set rcf, speed, and with the display.
9. Stainless steel centrifuge chamber, avoiding corrosion by corrosive materials
10. Auto-balance, protection of imbalance, with sound signals when occurs error or imbalance; auto-recognition of the imbalance; protection of over speed.
11. Fastest speed up / down time ≤28s
12. Suitable for common syringes of 10ml, 20ml, 50ml, and orthopedics PRP tube
13. The rotor and tube racks are able to process by autoclave sterilization
14. Произведен според националниот и меѓународниот безбедносен стандард (на пр. IEC 61010).
15. ISO9001, ISO13485, CE меѓународните стандарди се исполнети.





LCD дигиталенЕкран

Тело на машината

Пластична и метална рамка

Макс. Брзина

5000 вртежи во минута

Точност на брзината

±20 вртежи во минута

Макс. RCF


No1: Swing Rotor

50 mlx45000 вртежи во минута4760хгр(for 50ml syringe)

No2: Swing Rotor

20 mlx84000 вртежи во минута3040хгр(for 20ml syringe)

No3: Angle Rotor

10 mlx124500 вртежи во минута3395хгр(for 10ml syringe)

Опсег на тајмер

1~99min59s /continuous / short spin


Мотор на конвертор

моќност на мотор



AC220V, 50Hz, 5A


Нето маса.


Бруто тежина


Димензија на машината

570×460×360 mm (L×W×H)

пакет Димензии

630530 × 460mm(L×W×H)

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