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Suġġerimenti ta 'manutenzjoni għal ċentrifuga refriġerata b'veloċità għolja

Ħin: 2022-01-24 Viżti: 59

1. If glass tube is broken during centrifugation of high-speed frozen centrifuge, the debris in centrifuge cavity and casing should be removed, otherwise the centrifuge will be damaged. A layer of Vaseline can be coated on the upper part of the cavity, and the debris can be easily removed with Vaseline after the rotor is put into operation for several minutes.
2. The high-speed frozen centrifuge can be disinfected with common disinfectant.
3. After using desktop high-speed freezing centrifuge, the cover should be opened, the condensed water should be wiped off, and then dried naturally; before and after centrifugation, the rotating head must be put down or lifted slightly vertically to avoid collision with the rotating shaft and the rotating head itself.
4. Independent socket should be used for high-speed refrigerated centrifuge to ensure voltage stability; if the user's voltage is unstable, it must be connected with a regulated power supply to avoid damage to the high-speed frozen centrifuge; the desktop centrifuge should be placed on a solid, stable and horizontal table top, with a certain space around the chassis to maintain good ventilation.
5. Regularly use compressed air (vacuum cleaner) to remove the dust on the heat sink at the back of the centrifuge.
6. If the rotary head is corroded and cracked, it should be replaced immediately. The rotor, basket and sleeve must be maintained regularly with special glazing oil to avoid corrosion. The shaft, basket ear and other parts shall be lubricated with lubricating oil.
7. Operator's safety: the rotating head should be fixed in the accurate position, and the fixing screw should be tightened. Check whether there are cracks and corrosion on the rotating head and other accessories, and the contact condition of ground wire.
8. Use neutral cleaning agent, such as soapy water, to clean dust and residual samples of high-speed freezing centrifuge, but toxic and radioactive substances should be treated specially. Desktop high-speed freezing centrifugal emergency cover: if the cover cannot be opened, the cover can be opened manually.
9. After use, the rotor, buckets and tube holder should be wiped dry and placed separately.

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