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Grazzi lis-Sur Li u inġiniera minn Changsha Xiangzhi Centrifuge Instrument Co., Ltd għat-tiswija taċ-ċentrifuga krijoġenika matul il-lejl qabel il-vaganzi, dan huwa verament wara l-bejgħ ta 'l-ewwel klassi.

Ħin: 2022-01-24 Viżti: 52

"Thanks to Mr. Li and engineers from Changsha Xiangzhi Centrifuge Instrument Co., Ltd. for repairing the cryogenic centrifuge overnight before the holiday, this is really a first-class after-sales." This is a post published by the customers on WeChat.

June 25th is the traditional festival --the Dragon Boat Festival. Before the holiday, the company arranged various work tasks and prepared for vacation. Then, on the evening of June 24,we received an after-sales service request from customer-- a refrigerated centrifuge failed. In order not to delay the customer's time and maintain a normal working order, the engineers of Xiangzhi Centrifuge rushed to solve the problem for the customer overnight, and finally solved the fault after more than 2 hours.

"Although it is the Dragon Boat Festival, but we are not on holiday, we will do everything possible to solve the problem for our customers." Mr. Li, who is in charge of after-sales service, said, "We will insist on the best service, so that customers can buy at ease and use comfort."

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